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Agriculture Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AgPDES)

Permits Authorizations for Public Review

Below is a list of draft permits/authorizations that are available for public review. To view the actual draft permit/authorization or other documents click on the corresponding file link.

Permit NumberCompany NameFacility NameCountyPublic NoticeComment Start DateComment End Date
OKG010026Alig Feed LotAlig Feed LotCanadian 09/13/202310/13/2023
OKG010058Mahard Egg Farm, Inc.Mahard Egg Farm, Inc.-Boogie Hill FarmGarvin 09/13/202310/13/2023
OKG010225Tumbleweed Investments, LLCTumbleweed Inv - Farm BGF1Beaver 09/14/202310/16/2023
OKG010406Van der Laan DairyVan der Laan DairyTillman 09/14/202310/16/2023
OKG010228Tumbleweed Investments, LLCTumbleweed Inv-Farm BGF4 & GDU2Texas 09/21/202310/23/2023
OKG010229Tumbleweed Investments, LLCTumbleweed Inv-Farm BGF5 & F6Texas 09/21/202310/23/2023
OKG010403Mitcham LivestockMitcham LivestockAlfalfa 09/21/202310/23/2023
OKG010409Tuls Hemann Enterprises Land, L.L.C.Lost Trail Dairy ICimarron 10/02/202311/02/2023
OKG010410Tuls Hemann Enterprises Land, L.L.C.Lost Trail Dairy IICimarron 10/02/202311/02/2023
OKG010034CRI Feeders- GuymonCRI Feeders- GuymonTexas 09/07/202310/09/2023
OKG010162Power Plus Beef GeneticsPower Plus Beef GeneticsKiowa 09/21/202310/23/2023
OKG010046Pride FeedersPride FeedersTexas 09/16/202310/16/2023
OKG010289Jensen Farms, Inc.Jensen Farms, Inc.Canadian 09/23/202310/23/2023
OKG010407Sunshine DairySunshine DairyTillman 09/14/202310/16/2023
OKG010022Frank Berry and Sons, IncFrank Berry & Sons, Inc.Texas 09/16/202310/16/2023
OKG010060Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.Nebo FarmMurray 09/14/202310/16/2023