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Species of Concern

Oklahoma Invasive Species List

Asian Long Horn Beetle
Native to Asia
First discovered in Long Island, New York in 1996
Prevention: Look for woodpecker damage, holes in trunk especially in maple trees.

Emerald Ash Borer

Native to Asia
Invaded the North Eastern US in the 1990’s
Thought to arrive in foreign wood packing material
Prevention: Use firewood from forest you camp in

European Grapevine Moth

Native to Europe
Invaded California 2009
Prevention: Check grape flowers for eggs and larva

Gypsy Moth

Native to Europe and Asia
Accidentally released in 1869 in Massachusetts
Prevention: Look for leaf dieback (defoliation) in trees, brown to buff colored egg masses along trunk

Light Brown Apple Moth

Native to Australia
Invaded Hawaii in 1800’s, California in 2007
Prevention: Check fruit and plants for unusual moth

Red Imported Fire Ant

Native to South America
Invaded the South Eastern US in 1930’s
Thought to arrive on plant material
Prevention: Check plants and sod you buy for ants

Oak Splendor Beetle

Native to Asia
Found in Europe, not found in Americas
Prevention: Look for crown dieback and epicormic sprouting in oak, beech, and chestnut trees

Karnal Bunt

Native to Asia
Found in Arizona in 1996
Prevention: Check for fishy odor and fungus on grains. Don’t plant suspected seeds.

Pecan Leaf Scorch

Detected on elm tree in Oklahoma 2004
Prevention: Remove infested trees to prevent further spread within an orchard

Pierce's Disease

Detected in Oklahoma in 2009
kills grape vines
Prevention: Sanitize pruners between vines

Thousand Cankers Disease

Invaded Western US in 1990’s
Can kill a tree in 2-3 years
Prevention: Look for stressed walnut trees, crown die back, cankers, epicormic sprouting.